Imagine That!

Imagine never needing to trust your partner. “I don’t have to trust you…I trust my ability to choose the right man.” I saved this tweet, by @SEXisMyReligion. The cool thing about most concepts is that they are multi-layered and just when you think you get something, it’s presented to you from a different angle and … Continue reading Imagine That!

The Bodyguard

So Heidi Klum appears to be yet another woman who has fallen for her bodyguard, or as her ex, Seal puts it “decided to fornicate with the help”. She is in good company. Being married didn’t stop Princess Diana or even one of our very own Mrs. Zuma from having affairs with their bodyguards. Princess … Continue reading The Bodyguard

Holy Whore

Goddess Ishtar, referred to in the bible as the Whore of Babylon, taught that anyone who denies sex denies life. Sex facilitates creation, creation represents God. How can you see the Goddess within your lover, yet deem her greatest means of creation bad?

Why I wish The Secret was still a secret

I encounter many people who, having seen or read The Secret, conclude that all they need to do to manifest their dreams into reality, is visualise them. Just visualising the things they want (previously known as day dreaming or fantasizing) was not enough before The Secret, so why would it be enough now? After all, the Law of Attraction operated before The Secret.

Are you FREE or are you DOM?

There is a widely held beliefs that humans have freewill, and this supposedly not only differentiates us from the animal kingdom, it also proves our superiority. Human beings get to choose their actions, while the actions of animals are wired into them. That is what makes them DOM and us FREE, the fact that we have freewill. But do we really?