Imagine That!

Imagine never needing to trust your partner. “I don’t have to trust you…I trust my ability to choose the right man.” I saved this tweet, by @SEXisMyReligion. The cool thing about most concepts is that they are multi-layered and just when you think you get something, it’s presented to you from a different angle and … Continue reading Imagine That!

Mirror, Mirror

What you see is what you reflect. The Universal Law of Correspondence states "as within, so without". Our outer world is nothing but a reflection of our inner world.

Who’s the Boss?

QUESTION: Why does Mother Nature seem to scatter facsimiles of female genitalia about? where ever you look...there it is is she really that proud of this particular creation? the picture below has the  answer ain't that the truth? Whoever owns the pussy makes the rules. And  not because guys are always trying to get at … Continue reading Who’s the Boss?