Goal Setting and Manifestation Playshop

Event: A practical playshop – we’ll be working with your actual goals - where you will learn: All the elements you need to consider to set goals for maximum success, The feminine side of goal manifestation, the “invisible”, but crucial steps between setting the goal and implementing it, that people often neglect at their peril. The knowledge, skill, tool & tips acquired from this playshop will exponentially increase you chances of realising any goal you set.

Strut your stuff

When last did you have a good brag? Were you also taught that bragging is unbecoming, that nobody likes a show off? I say brag, brag, brag. Bragging is a turbo version of keeping a gratitude diary. Many self-development and life coaches encourage people to keep a gratitude diary, because it forces you to focus on what you already like about your life and thus create more of that. Bragging is a far more powerful tool for increasing the good in your life.